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Organic Jasmine Rice

Cambodian Organic Jasmine Rice is a type of premium rice from Cambodia under categories of "Fragrant Rice”. It is very common in high-end household consumption. Jasmine rice is planting in one season (wet season) with the traditional way (No Fertilizer, No Pesticide, Non GMO) as the organic rice under certified by Eco Cert. The rice grain is silky, smooth, tender and shiny. After cooked, it will be soft and presents wonderful aroma. In 2012, Cambodian Jasmine Rice was awarded top prize at the Rice Trader World Rice Conference in Bali, Indonesia. The next year, Cambodian Jasmine rice was adjudged the world’s best in taste at the Competitive Rice Tasting event held at the 2013 Rice Traders World Rice Conference held in Hong Kong and 2014 in Cambodia. This is the third consecutive year that Cambodia’s Jasmine rice has found a place at the top. In addition, this type of rice is considered 90%-95% as similar as the Thai Homali. This is based on the the test of Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARD) by DNA Fingerprinting using 18 Microsettlite Markes/Primers and BAD Analysis. The fingerprinting found that 17 of its 18 parameters are the same as the Thai Homali, and the remaining one is just slightly different.