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Broken White Rice

Broken Rate: 100%
Shipping: 15-35 Days
Mini Order: 24 MT
Payment Term: L/C or TT
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Broken rice is the rice that is separated from the White Rice during the milling process. It is half grain. It is a low grade of rice, and it is much cheaper than Long Grain White Rice. It is used for animal feeding or in food and beverage industry such as beer brewing and flour processing.


Moisture Content
14% Max
Whole Kernels
15% Max
Small Broken C1 (<1.75 mm)
5% Max
Average Broken Size (<3.5 mm)
80% Min
Chalky Kernel (> 50%)
4.00% Max
Yellow Kernel
0.30% Max
Damaged Kernel
0.30% Max
Glutinous Kernel
1.50% Max
Milling Degree
Extra Well Milled
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