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Cambodia Claims Guinness World Record for Sticky Rice Cake;

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From: The Cambodia Daily (2015-04-14)

SIEM REAP CITY – A Guinness World Records judge kicked this year’s Angkor Sankranta festival into action Monday by officially declaring a 4-ton sticky rice cake produced for the Khmer New Year celebration to be the largest ever made.

At a special ceremony held in front of Angkor Thom’s Terrace of the Elephants the evening before the festival’s official opening today, Seyda Subasi Gemici, a Guinness World Records judge from Germany, said the cake met Guinness’ stringent requirements.

“In order to qualify for this record attempt, the international guidelines of Guinness World Records have to be followed,” Ms. Gemici told the crowd from the stage, in front of which the giant “num ansorm” traditional cake had been placed.

“The guidelines say that the cake has to have a minimum weight of 3,250 kg, and the cake must contain at least sticky rice, mung beans, coconuts, and banana leaves in strips that wrap around the cake,” she explained.

Weighing in at 4 tons, and made with ingredients including 1 ton of glutinous rice, 500 kg of coconut milk, 15 kg of salt, 500 kg of mung beans, 500 kg of pork belly and 333 kg of banana leaves, the cake met the qualifications.

“One moment please,” Ms. Gemici said, opening an envelope before announcing the result. “I have the great pleasure to announce a new Guinness World Record achievement for the largest sticky rice cake—num ansorm—4,040 kg.”

“Congratulations, you are all ‘officially amazing,’” she added, using Guinness World Records’ motto.

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