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Jasmine Rice Planting Season Starts;


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From: SoA (2014-06-26)

Welcome to wet season in which our farmers started to plant their monsoon crop—Cambodian Jasmine Rice. The major monsoon crop is planted in late May through July, when the first rains of the monsoon season begin to inundate and soften the land. Rice shoots are transplanted from late June through September. The main harvest is usually gathered six months later, in December.

Along with this, SIGNATURES OF ASIA has signed contract farming with our farmers with total land of 1,000 hectares where we agreed to provide the 99% high purity foundation seeds for planting to our farmers. These seeds are supplied by CADI.

We have high expectation that this year, we would have high production of Jasmine Rice with the great and satisfactory quality for our consumers as well as our traders all over the world.

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