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Signature of Asia Co.,Ltd

SOA had set-up five office-warehouses throughout Cambodia nation wide in order to advance themselves in paddy and agricultural product collection.

Head Office:

#5A, Street 388, Sangkat Toul Svay Prey II, Khan Chamkarmom, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia
Tel:+855(0)23 997178, HP: +855-92989999, +855-12583483, +855-12912812
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Our management Profile :

Our Chairman/CEO, Mr.Sokheang Chan (Kent), was born in the fishing family in Siem Reap and had gone through a village school education in his hometown. In 2002, he completed his Bachelor Degree in Business Management. He then continued his Master Degree in 2 years later.

He has joined the private business venture in year of 2000. With thirteen-year-experience in business management and leadership, he has made a remarkable progress with well-respected as one of the key model in the local entrepreneur club.  Kent always strives for his passion and vision which he does believe in. Those vision and philosophy are :

The Vision        : "Rebuild Cambodia flagship products from the Local Cambodian"

The Philosophy: "When I was young, my parents advice me to be honest and honor people. Now I know that
                           honest with time creates trust, and it is where all my businesses and life start "


Our Managing Director, Mr. Vannak Chan ( John), was born in the same family and also had gone through a village school education in his hometown. In 2004, John has graduated from his Hanio Polytechnic University. At the same year, he completed his bachelor degree in English Literature from Republic of Vietnam.

He has joined the private business venture in the year of 2005. With seven-year-experience in business management and leadership, John has made quite successful business operation and well-recognized as one of the strive-hard businessman in Cambodia. He has gone through a different challenges of each business transactions by applying his belief that should keep on focusing and strive to provide the solution to every problem.

The Philosophy : " Commitment, Attitude, and Honesty are the keys driven of every businesses success"

The Belief : " There is always a solution to every problem occurred "      

Our Export/Sale Manager, Mr. Peter Chan, has completed his B.A of Sale and Marketing in 2006 and 2007 of Accounting and Finance from the local university in Siem Reap province.

He has gone through a rice milling industry experience with his uncle since he was a teenager and has taking care of the milling process quite number of years. After Cambodian government announced about the vision of exporting 1 million tones of rice in 2015, it has influenced him to join Signature of Asia Co.,Ltd to export our signature rice with high quality and high commitment from our team. He has applied his experience of QC and selecting the reliable rice mill partners on top of our current production house. Peter has handled different cargo arrangement and made it as the most promising shipment to every customer, by leveraging on his experience and his personal QC inspection before each cargo loading.

Peter is a prominent dynamic young entrepreneur. He has been recognized by rice milling association, other rice exporters, and agricultural related institution.

Our branch offices and warehouses located in :

1. Battambong Province - Where we collect fragrant and jasmine rice paddy.

2. Kampong Cham Province - Where we collect major of White Rice and Jasmine Rice paddy, Pepper, Sweet Corn, Pineapple, Dragon Fruit, and Durian.

3. Takeo Province - Where we collect majority of White Rice

4. Svay Rieng Province - Where we collect majority of White Rice

5. Prey Veng Province - Where we collect majority of White Rice

Signatures of Asia is a member of Bayon Heritage Holding Group.

# 5A, Street 388, Sangkat Toul Svay Prey II, Khan Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Tel: (+855)23-997178/ 12-912812 / 12-583483 / 92-989999
Fax: (+855)23-992243


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